What Our Customers Are Saying......


We have been a client of BMI since 2002 when we first installed Navision.  Their professionalism from day one has been unsurpassed.  Our business has changed tremendously over the years and they have been with us every step of the way.  John Greene and Laurel Loehlin are two of the top people you will find in the industry.

Bill Kienke

Chief Financial Officer

 In early 2013 we converted over to the BMI OP Revelation software package operating on a Microsoft NAV platform. This system is operating in a “cloud” environment and is accessible directly from any of our locations.

We had been using a legacy ERP system for over 20 years. Though we had completed several upgrades and modifications, technology was becoming a liability, not an asset. We were continually dealing with inefficiencies due to multiple data bases, product issues, internet integration difficulties, and ultimately, a “less than ultimate” customer experience on the web. Therefore, we began looking for a fully integrated web and back office solution. This process took a number of years and took us to several different solutions. Ultimately BMI OP Revelation was the best fit for our business model. From a web customer perspective, it is easy to search and find products, place orders and check out. There are many options to choose from for the web customer experience and can be changed for each individual customer. A few examples are: budgets, P.O. number requirements, approval levels, “on account” VS credit card payments, even customer specific products. From a back office point of view, fully integrated EDI capabilities with wholesalers, efficient order entry, ability to support stocking warehouses, multiple delivery routes and processes, and a robust financial support package were all critical issues to be addressed.

BMI OP Revelation is a stable, technologically current, easy to understand program that allows us to offer our customers a state of the art experience that rivals any other program in the market. The team at BMI is easy to work with and is knowledgeable about the issues that are facing our industry. They are willing to think creatively to offer solutions that will continually improve the system.

A significant amount of our sales originates on the internet. Keeping product information and pricing accurate was always difficult due to multiple data bases in our prior system. The BMI OP Revelation program is fully integrated between the back office and the web store. Maintenance only needs to be accomplished in one place and it is effective system wide.

We are currently working with the BMI team to integrate the program with a Promotional Products and Printing web application. Adding product offerings for our customers will strengthen our relationship and make us an even more valuable business partner to our clients.

I would certainly recommend that anyone in the market for a system should look at BMI. It will not fit for everyone, but has a great deal to offer.

Jim Mueller - Chief Operating Office

Storey Kenworthy Company


Since initially working with BMI to design and implement our Microsoft Dynamics NAV (ERP System) during late 2011 we have been extremely satisfied with the capabilities and flexibility inherent within this system. This is particularly true given our ever-expanding needs of this NAV System as our business continues to grow at a rapid pace.

A very large part of the success that we have experienced with this system is completely attributable to the very fine support that we continue to receive from BMI (“Business Management International”). This needed support began with the general design and layout of our NAV System throughout the initial project development stage several years ago. The continuous provision of project management and software programming support is paramount as our need to refine, modify, and expand its functionality, analytics and data transmission capabilities never seems to cease given the increasing inter-company and customer demands that arise.

These increasing demands typically present themselves to us with an accompanying urgency that must be accommodated under rather short notice. It is very comforting to know that BMI can always be counted upon to deliver whatever support is necessary to meet these increasing demands. Although quick to react to our needs, every requested programming or systems modification is always well tested and documented before a final installation or implementation update occurs. This is extremely important to our organization as our company’s processes and procedures are strictly regulated by both ISO and the FDA given our exclusive involvement with Class-2 Medical Devices within the US.

A final note is to say that, as a foreign subsidiary start-up company during late 2011, the initially required project implementation timelines were extremely aggressive with an imposed short window of time to begin our operations. BMI was aware of this situation and fully willing to meet this challenge head-on, on our behalf, in order that we could conduct successful customer sales and delivery transactions under these very tight time constraints imposed by our parent company in Switzerland. The BMI team effort was extremely impressive throughout this ERP System implementation which also involved the data inter-connectivity and transmissions with other external business partners. Again, our BMI team proved very efficient and effective while incorporating these various business partners within our operational network.

It was this expanded team effort, directed by BMI staff, which served to construct our ERP System platform upon which we continue to build as our business grows and diversifies. We very much appreciate all that BMI and our Microsoft Dynamics NAV System continues to provide to us.

David Swanson - President

Geistlich Pharma North America 

"Since converting to BMI OP Revelation, we never hear the main customer objection that our website is substandard. That objection has gone away and we can pursue new customers with confidence about our e-commerce capabilities. BMI OP Revelation delivers accurate and highly relevant search results with extraordinary product presentation and content."

Bernie Garvey - President

Garvey's Office Products

We converted to BMI OP Revelation software in 2008, and we have never had any regrets about having made that decision. I think it is hard for most dealers to imagine, but our conversion was seamless and took place over a weekend. We never experienced problems with order entry, purchasing, distribution or billing and our customers on the following monday were very impressed with our new Ecommerce storefront.

With every major new relationship there are certainly bumps along the road, as we learn to communicate and manage expectations. We feel that BMI has been very supportive in listening and helping us develop tools that meet the changing needs of our business. They have been able to meet the punch-out requirements of some of our larger customers and they have been able to meet or exceed our due dates while staying within budget.

Bob Mairena - President

Office Solutions

After spending a year researching front end and back end systems for our company, we felt that the BMI OP Revelation solution was the best fit. Their team did a tremendous job, from beginning to the end, analyzing our company needs and developing a customized solution for us. Even the "go live" day went smoother than we anticipated. During the first week, Berl and Karen were on site at our office to make sure the system ran properly and they answered all of our questions."

"The best part is that we now have a web site that matches the capabilities of the "big box" stores and our customers love it. We have even acquired customers that wouldn´t use us or left us because of our old web site. We appreciate BMI´s efforts and look forward to working with them in the future."

Scott Bocklet - Vice President Of Operations

Supply Post Office Products

"On October 1st, 2008 we went live with BMI OP Revelation e-commerce storefront and back end software. I truly feel we had a great conversion. BMI was very accommodating in addressing issues with the web and making it user friendly. The difference between our prior software vendor and BMI is that they care about your issues and problems and want to fix them. This is really a state of the art system and every day I learn more things that make me happy that we chose this product".

Norma Anthony - Chief Operating Officer

BF Molz

"We chose BMI’s OP Revelation software back in 2007 as one of the early adopters of a Microsoft based ERP system in the OP industry. Our stocking dealer status coupled with some other unique aspects of our business model compounded the well-known difficulties associated with conversion and early utilization of new software. Those challenges were all met and overcome and our business is in a better place as a result of the decision to implement the BMI OP Revelation software. We have been able to utilize the software to keep pace with the changes we have made to our business over the years, and we were able to quickly and efficiently handle and integrate acquisitions. We are now in the process of upgrading our e-commerce site to the latest version and are very excited about the new functionality and improved user experience the site will provide.”

Sid Lerman - President

Weeks Lerman